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Hi, my name is Tatiana Fokina. I'm a front-end developer who loves to make stuff for the web, and digital accessibility and tell others about it.

I write and translate articles and also edit “Accessibility” section in Doka Guide, developer-friendly documentation. I also organised St. Petersburg pitera11y_meetup,

In this blog, I share practical tips, useful links, my thoughts and just interesting findings about accessible development ✨

If there are any questions about my articles or accessibility, you are welcome to ask me on Twitter.

Latest articles

Everything you need to know about ARIA Live Regions

If you have a dynamically changing part of a page and you're thinking about making it accessible, there may be a legitimate question about how to do it. In the past, assistive technologies (including screen readers) didn't know how to handle them properly. Now the problem of accessibility of dynamically changing page content can be solved with ARIA.

  • HTML
  • Screen readers

CSS media feature to improve accessibility

What custom settings come and how to take them into account in web interfaces. You will learn about media features that track animation settings, contrast, transparency, inversion, colour scheme and forced colour mode.

  • CSS
  • Usability
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